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What is Herbalean?
Herbalean is a proprietary nutriceutical to enhance weightloss and energy.  This patent pending all natural nutritional supplement contains a synergistic blend of nutrients from all across the globe.  This unique supplement targets and attacks weight loss from a variety of different aspects allowing for a faster, healthier, and more efficient weight management.  Herbalean contains the once forbidden Mahuang (Ephedra) plan.      

How much weight can I lose?
Everyone is different, and everyone will lose weight at a different rate. There are many factors that will determine how fast one loses weight. Weight loss needs, age, diet, exercise, medical conditions, family history and water intake can all have a direct effect on weight loss success. For instance, one who has more weight to lose will usually drop weight quicker than someone who has just a few pounds to lose will (assuming they do everything else the same). Our guarantee does not state specific weight loss amounts, we simply guarantee that you will be satisfied with our products.

How soon can I start losing weight?
Weight loss varies from individual to individual. The amount of weight loss will depend on your daily diet, the amount of exercise you get and how over weight you are. Individual weight loss may be any where from 2-10 pounds per week. However, some people lose sizes before they start to lose weight, because they might be gaining muscle while they are losing fat.

Is Herbalean going to give me too much energy?
Herbalean should give you the harmonically balanced amount of energy.  The formula is scientifically engineered to work with the bodies metabolism to provide the optimum energy response level.    It is quite simple, take one capsule of Herbalean in the morning or one capsule in the early afternoon.  Please remember to drink ample amounts of water.  Occasionally we have people tell us that these products are too powerful for them and they feel a bit jittery (as if they drank too much coffee). Remember, sometimes it could take days or a couple of weeks for your body to get adjusted to the herbs. This is perfectly normal. This jitteriness usually passes after a little time.

Can I continue to take other herbs/vitamins?
You may continue to take your vitamins and supplements while taking Herbalean. 

Will Herbalean effect my current medication?
This product will not affect most medication. However, if you are on any medication, we do recommend you check with your physician before starting any nutritional regimen. Your physician will know the specifics and severity of your condition and will be better able to judge if you should be taking any nutritional supplements.

Who should not take ephedra?
Individuals with high/low blood pressure, thyroid disease, diabetes, epilepsy, depression, glaucoma, prostate ailments, seizure disorder or if using an MAOI (monoamine oxidase inhibitor) should consult a physician before taking. Individuals with heart ailments or if pregnant or nursing, should not take any of this product.

How soon will I see results?
Results will vary for everyone. Some see results in the very first week. Others may take up to 2 months before seeing results. To increase amount of weight loss and the speed at which weight loss occurs, try to include these things into your program: exercise 3-4 days per week, consume a low-fat, low sugar, well-balanced diet, try to eat 3-5 small meals a day instead of 1 or 2 large meals, cut back on sodas and alcohol, drink plenty of water, try to remember to take our product 2 times a day if you are able.

Do I have to exercise while taking Herbalean ?
You do not have to exercise when taking these thermogenic products. Keep in mind that exercise is an important way to stimulate weight loss. We burn calories while exercising, and exercise increases metabolism. Cardiovascular exercising should be combined with some weight training. Many people are afraid to do weight training for the fear of "getting big". But weight training is one of the best ways to burn calories. Plus, by adding muscle to your body your resting metabolic rate will be drastically increased. This is because muscle needs more calories to sustain itself than fat does. By increasing the muscle on our bodies, we burn more calories every day, even if we are just sitting still! One pound of muscle actually burns 50 calories a day. If you replace 10 pounds of fat with muscle, your body will burn 500 more calories a day! (Burning an additional 500 calories a day sure would make it harder to ever gain weight again)

Do I have to take Herbalean with food?
Most people do not need to take this product with food. If you have a sensitive stomach, or if after taking this product you get an upset stomach, you might want to nibble on a little something (low in calories) before taking your daily dose.

How does Herbalean work
Herbalean work by increasing the metabolic rate. Herbalean do this by increasing the rate at which the BAT (brown adipose tissue) utilizes fat. Many people have a weight problem because their BAT is not functioning properly, or at all. Our thermogenic formulas increase the effectiveness of the BAT thereby increasing the overall effectiveness of the metabolism's ability to burn fat.

What are the side effects of Herbalean ?
There really are no major side effects from Herbalean. Matter of fact, we rarely get any complaints. But of course, like any other nutritional product, Herbalean may not agree with everyone. We occasionally receive comments from consumers stating this product make them feel jittery or this product give them heartburn. The jitteriness usually occurs because one's body is adjusting to the herbs. This usually goes away after a week or two. We usually find that those who get heartburn are individuals who have a history of heartburn. If you drink caffeine when taking Herbalean, you may experience a small amount of nausea. If this happens to you, try not to drink any caffeine within a couple of hours of taking these products.

Is Herbalean FDA approved?
Herbalean is a nutritional dietary supplement. The FDA does not approve any nutritional dietary supplements. However, our manufacturing facility meets the highest standards and requirements for manufacturing nutritional supplements and is a FDA inspected facility.

Is Herbalean all natural?
YES! Herbalean is all natural dietary supplement consisting of herbs, vitamins and minerals.

Do I have to follow a diet with Herbalean ?
We do not have a specific diet that you must follow when taking one of our thermogenic products. In other words, you do not have to eat 6 grapefruits, 10 egg whites or 5 bananas every day! This is one of the nice aspects about thermogenics, because they actually increase the metabolism all by themselves. We do however recommend a well-balanced diet consisting of 3-5 small meals a day. Yes that's right, we recommend eating often! We do not want you to starve. It is actually better to eat smaller more frequent meals than to eat 1 or 2 meals a day. Keep this in mind when planning. (For more information on this, check out the "I'm not losing, what's wrong" section)

How much caffeine is in Herbalean?
Herbalean has 75mg of naturally occurring caffeine per capsule. To compare, a 12-ounce cup of coffee can have up to 200mg of caffeine, while a can of soda can have up to 55mg of caffeine.

How do I know if Herbalean is working?
There are several feelings that tell you that Herbalean is working. First, you will definitely notice that you have more energy. This is one of the bonuses of our thermogenic products. Next you will notice that you have a suppressed appetite. You will not feel as if you need to eat as much in between meals or at the meals themselves. Some people even feel as if this product gives them a heating effect. They feel slightly warmer than usual. This occurs because some of the herbs naturally heat the body (which is where some of the increased fat burning effect comes from).

Why do I need to drink so much water?
Water suppresses the appetite and aids the body in getting rid of fat. The liver is the place where fat is metabolized. The kidneys need water to function properly and if they do not have enough water, will pass work onto the liver (where fat is being metabolized). If the liver is getting work from the kidney, then it can not metabolize fat like it should be doing, therefore fat gets stored in the body.  Many people feel that they 'retain' water. The easiest way to avoid this is to drink more water! The body retains water when it has less than the amount it needs for daily functions. It views this lack of water as a threat and holds on to as much as it can. If we increase our water intake, then all the stored water will be released by the body…no more water retention.  Keep in mind that water retention may be brought on by excess salt intake. Our body only needs so much salt. If too much salt is taken in, the body will need to hold on to water to dilute it. Also keep in mind that an over weight person has greater metabolic needs. Therefore, they will need more water to efficiently run metabolic processes.

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