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Herbalean is the rebirth of Metabolife 356 60 Capsules
1 Bottle Intestizyme All Natural Detoxifier

- Intestinal Cleansing
- Parasite Cleansing
- Liver Cleansing
- Colon Cleansing
- Cellular Cleansing

30 day supply Today, the body is exposed to many harmful agents found in both the food we consume and the environment that encompasses our daily activities. We are constantly bombarded by certain toxins, chemicals, and free radicals that the body cannot properly assimilate. This can have devastating consequences on our bodies as a whole, even down to the tiniest of cells.

It is undeniable that the chemicals and toxins found in dietary food sources present the biggest challenge when working to ensure our overall health status. Foods leave behind plaque within the digestive tract; namely the small intestines, colon, kidneys, and liver. What\'s more, when our gastrointestinal tracts are inhibited with plaque, the digestive process fails to function at its optimal capacity. Research has proven that poor nutrient absorption often leads to lower energy levels, weight gain, as well as an increased chance of developing certain disease conditions. However, there are ways to regain digestive health, energy, weight control, and quality of life.

The Intestizyme Internal Cleansing System has been designed for such a purpose. It is a unique, process that promotes efficiency of digestion and elimination. Intestizyme has been specifically formulated to assist your body to cleanse the toxic plaque from the digestive tract; thus helping you to regain the health and functionality of this critical body system.

Cleansing the body system is critical as the intestines and colon\'s main functions are to assimilate food, absorb the majority of the useable nutrients from food, and expel any unusable materials. Plaque, however, results in various physiological abnormalities. Its aggregation, caused by the ingestion of harmful toxins and chemicals, builds upon the inner lining of the intestine and colon. As this build-up increases, the intestines ability to extract the nutrients needed for the functioning of critical body processes is hampered.

The end result is an adverse impact upon metabolic rate and overall health of the body. The liver is the body's control center for nutrient distribution for the entire body, and like the intestines and colon, it too can become clogged with harmful toxic buildup which lessens its functionality. Intestizyme is also designed to assist the kidneys to remove unwanted waste from the blood system with far greater efficiency. Like the intestines, colon, and liver, the kidneys are also exposed to harmful elements. This exposure results in plaque build-up as well, impairing their many complex physiological processes such as; regulation of body mineral composition, fluid volume, and balance of inorganic electrolytes.

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